New news
As part of the 2021 Cambridge Festival Idit Nathan and I are conducting an art-experiment. In a time of necessary social restriction we're electing to live entirely according to other people's rules for the duration of the festival.

Each day we'll select an art manifesto at random and live by its rules for that day. Each manifesto will define the scope of that day’s creative activity. At the end of each day we'll upload the resulting artworks to create an evolving online exhibition.
Part process, part statement, all manifestation: Deep Dawn Dreaming will reveal in real time the power of the human imagination to transform any situation however constraining. 
Deep Dawn Dreaming: 26th March – 4th April 2021.  

Film news
All last summer I worked on a project commissioned by Kettle's Yard Gallery in Cambridge. Here is Elsewhere is the result – an essay film about the imagination, the image and the way our minds are responding to the unusual times we're living through just now. The film's accompanied by a sound piece, The Unmade Film, with visions supplied by Ali Smith, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Judy Price, Lucy Harris, Luke Fowler, Olivia Laing. The gallery's shut now for lockdown but you can still watch the film online here.

You can also watch a lockdown conversation about the project between me and Gareth Evans here and also a short film-letter to the painter Alfred Wallis I made in response to the other exhibition currently locked inside Kettle's Yard with Here is Elsewhere. You can watch Correspondence here.

Book news
The Enigmatic Message
Stanley Kubrick, chimps and the act of translation. With contributions by by Ali Smith, Bridget Hannigan, Eileen Myles, Ian Patterson, Idit Elia Nathan, Joanne Macleod, Kathleen Bryson, Laurie Anderson, Lucy Harris. Lydia Davis, Meg Jamieson, Olivia Laing, Sharon Kivland, Woodrow Phoenix. Limited edition. Available here.